Owing to the quality-approved & thoroughly tested range offered by us, we have been able to muster the trust & confidence of a large number of customers.


We practice ethical business and follow highly effective management and admin policies that are directed towards improving the benefits for our valued clients.


We provide a viable solution to the parking problem by creating customized Stack Parking Systems using hydraulic lifts and a significant amount of engineering skill.

The Concept

-that is the driving force of our Elevator Parking Systems.

Customize the Parking Stacks

At Elevate, we give you the option to customize our car stacks to suit the decor of your building or your taste. We can help you give the machines a makeover, so they look attractive as well as become more user friendly.

We can offer the following customization options for your stack parking systems:

  • Customised Colours and Paint Jobs: WhWhether you would like to change the color of the stacks to match the one of your building or create a custom paint job to suit the thrilling nature of your vehicle, we can help you achieve the same.
  • Buzzer Systems: We can interconnect your home with your car parking space. Hence before you leave your home, all you need to do is push a button which will alert the car parking attendant who will be able to retrieve your car for you by the time you come down to exit the building.
  • LED Light Panelling: Car Parking Stacks can sometimes block the compound lighting and dim the surroundings. To overcome this we can provide LED Lightinging Panels on the Stacks to illuminate the surroundings.

Service Warranty Options

We guarantee you the best after sales services .

We at Elevate use the best quality components in our stacks to ensure complete peace of mind for our customers. Our warranty covers all non electronic parts for a period of 1 year. Apart from this we also offer a free comprehensive one year maintaince contract. Our personale shall train your parking attendants and residents on basic operation and trouble shooting after installation.