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Puzzle Parking System With Pit

This is an automated system in which no car needs to be removed for removing other car parked on the system thus making each platform independent of the other. This system can be spread horizontally for upto 10 columns and vertically for upto 10 levels and upto Three levels in the pit. Number of slots that needs to be left empty = X-1 (where X is the number of levels).

TYPE Puzzle Parking with Pit
NO. OF CAR PER UNIT Number of slots minus (X-1) (X is the number of levels above ground) (Y is the number of Level in Pit)
LIFTING CAPACITY 2000 Kg [ Per Car Weight]
LIFTING TIME 1-2 minute per platform (variable)
SLIDING TIME 10 m/min per Platform
OPERATION Hydraulic Lifting, Motorized sliding either side with Motor Chain Mechanism. Integrated System with Touch Screen / RFID operation.
POWER SUPPLY 415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION Up to 0.05 units per Stack Lifting and 0.01 units per sliding operation (approx).

Standard Features:


  • Fast and automatic retrieval of cars from the parking space without removing any cars parked on the ground level
    of the system.
  • One slot left empty at each level to make way for the upper platform.
  • Hot dipped Galvanized Corrugated floor plates to reduce dead weight and increase durability.
  • Geared motor with minimum Safety factor of 2 with manual brake release.
  • Motor – Chain operated Sliding Mechanism.
  • Single Power Pack per system to reduce cost in case of hydraulic puzzle
  • Complete system monitored by PLC for smooth and error free automation.
  • Back up Limit switches provided for each slot for duplex safety.
  • Fabricated barriers provided on each platform to provide safety against unwanted lowering.
  • Emergency Shut Down switch.
  • Optional Touch Screen/Numerical Keyboard operation Panel.

Requirements from Client:


  • Parking area allotted must be cleared with no obstructions.
  • Civil work in Pit to be completed with appropriate drainage system provided to prevent water accumulation causing rusting of
    the framing.
  • Pit area to be provided with adequate lighting.
  • During erection of the system client should provide storage facilities for keeping our tools and other valuable parts
    of the system.
  • Temporary Electrical connection must be provided at the ti me of erection and installation of the systems.
  • 30 Amps ELCB and Main Electrical Connection (or 4 Pole RCBO) along with electrical cable fitting must be provided the from
    Main Power supply to the parking systems. With 3Ph 415V AC, 50Hz with Neutral and Earth (3Ph+N+E).
  • Incoming Cable Size should be at least 5 Core x 4sq. mm. Flexible Copper multi Core cable (3PH+N+E) from Main Switch to
    Control Panel.
  • Civil work as foundation for parking system must be done at stack parking allotted area prior to Installation as per our drawings.
  • Base area of the parking space allotted shall be Concrete with minimum strength of M20
  • In case of Parking Installed in open to Sky location, it is recommended to have a weather covering over the installation to
    prevent damage to the electronics / mechanism due to weathering.