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Tower Parking System

Tower parking is a system wherein upto 60 cars can be parked in a space of 3 cars. Having a lift working up and down in the centre transporting the vehicles to their designated slots vertically. This system can have 5 columns Horizontally and can go upto 30 levels high.

TYPE Motorized Tower parking System
POSSIBLE OPTIONS 1:1 / 1:2 / 0:2 / 0:1 / 2:2 / 2:3
LIFTING CAPACITY 2500 Kg [ Per Car Weight]
OPERATION Down collective lifting mechanism with counter weight, Sliding either Side with motor chain mechanism. Integrated System with Touch Screen/ RFID operation.
POWER SUPPLY 415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION Up to 0.07 units per Operation and 0.01 units per sliding operation (approx).

Standard Features:


  • Fast and automatic retrieval of cars from the parking Space without removing any cars parked on the ground level of the system.
  • High speed Geared motors with counter weight and Guides for smooth lift and lowering.
  • Turntable on the ground level for getting the car in the Drive out position
  • Motor- Chain operated Sliding Mechanism.
  • Complete system monitored by PLC for smooth and error free automation.
  • Back up Limit switches provided for each slot for duplex safety.
  • Robust Steel structure.
  • Fully automatic integrated operation.
  • Emergency Shut Down switch.
  • Optional Touch Screen/Numerical Keyboard / RFID Swipe card operation Panel.

Requirements from Client:


  • Parking area allotted must be cleared with no obstructions.
  • While erection of the system client should provide storage facilities for keeping our tools and other valuable parts of the system.
  • Temporary Electrical connection must be provided at the time of erection and installation of the systems.
  • MCB and Main Electrical Connection (or 4 Pole RCBO) along with electrical cable fitting must be provided from the Main Power supply to the parking systems. With 3Ph 415V AC, 50Hz with Neutral and Earth(3Ph+N+E) as per our specifications.
  • Civil work as foundation for stack parking system must be done at stack parking allotted area prior to installation as per the foundation plan submitted by us.
  • If the system to be installed in the RCC shaft, hooks to be provided on the top as per our drawings.
  • In case of Parking Installed in open to Sky location, it is recommended to have a weather covering over the installation to prevent damage to the electronics / mechanism due to weathering.