Puzzle Parking System

This is an automated system in which no car needs to be removed for removing other car parked on the system thus making each platform independent of the other. This system can be spread horizontally for upto 10 columns and vertically for upto 10 levels. number of slots that needs to be left empty = X-1 (where X is the number of levels).

TYPEMulti Level Puzzle Parking
NO. OF CAR PER UNITTotal number of slots minus (X-1)(X is the number of levels)
LIFTING CAPACITY2000 Kg [ Per Car Weight]
LIFTING TIME1.2 minutes per platform (variable)
SLIDING TIME30 Seconds per Platform
OPERATIONUpto 5 level Traction lifting, more than that Hydraulic Lifting, Lower platforms sliding either side with Motor Chain Mechanism. Integrated System with Touch screen/ RFID operation.
POWER SUPPLY415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
POWER CONSUMPTIONUp to 0.05 units per Stack Lifting and 0.01 units per sliding operation (approx).

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